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    Cauvery same as Cavery- name of a river
    Chadna love
    Chaitali born in the month of Chaitra
    Chaitaly name of an ancient city
    Chaitan consciousness
    Chakori a bird enamoured of the moon
    Chakrika Lakshmi
    Chameli a creeper with flowers
    Chameli jasmine
    Champa a flower
    Champabati the capital
    Champakali a bud of champa
    Chanchala unsteady, Lakshmi
    Chanchala restless
    Chandana sandal wood
    Chandana parrot
    Chandani star
    Chandani a river
    Chandanika diminutive
    Chandika diminutive of Chandana
    Chandni moonlit
    Chandrabali Krishna;s girl-friend
    Chandrabhaga river Chenab
    Chandrakala moonbeams
    Chandraki peacock
    Chandrakin a peacock
    Chandraleksha a ray of the moon
    Chandrani wife of the moon
    Chandrika moonlight
    Chandrima the moon
    Changuna a good woman
    Chapala restless; lighting
    Charita good
    Charu beautiful, attractive
    Charulata beautiful creeper
    Charulata beautiful
    Charulekha beautiful picture
    Charumati beautiful
    Charuprabha beautiful
    Charusheela a jewel
    Charvi a beautiful woman
    Chatura clever
    Chhabi picture
    Chhavvi image, radiance
    Chhaya shadow
    Chhaya shadow
    Chimayi blissful
    Chinmayi blissful
    Chintan, Chintana, Chintanika meditation
    Chiti love
    Chitkala knowledge
    Chitra picture, a nakshatra
    Chitra picture; a stat; name of a river
    Chitragandha a fragrant material
    Chitralekha as beautiful as a picture
    Chitralekha beautiful design; a celestial maiden
    Chitrali a row of pictures
    Chitramala series of pictures
    Chitrangada one of Arjuna's wives
    Chitrani river Ganga
    Chitrani the river
    Chitrarekha picture
    Chitrita picturesque

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